Shipping Information:-

Asian Replicas Designs & Trading Corp. can ship any of our 6000 unique products that include Resin Life Like Animals, 3D Point Of Sale Advertising Figures, Life Size Dinosaur Replicas, Water Theme Park Fiberglass Custom Made Products, Advertising Fiberglass Menu Boards, 3D Resin Statues, F1 Racing Simulators, Professional Racing Simulators & F1 Show Cars by either "Sea Freight" or by "Air Freight" to any destination in the World.

We can also carry out a full technical insulation, calibration, testing and commissioning of our Full Size F1 Racing Simulators and Formula One Show Cars anywhere in the world, pleases see the picture below of one of our Full Size F1 Show Cars being prepared for International Shipment.

Full Size F1 Show Car International Shipment

 F1 Show Car International Shippment

Air Freight is the fastest and most expensive means of transporting a shipment. Rates are calculated by weight and charged per kg and (volumetric weight).

Sea Freight is the most economical means of transporting goods. There are two main ways to send goods by Sea Freight.

  • LCL - Less Than Container Load

LCL shipments are for a given quantity of goods that do not meet a specific full container minimum. Subsequently, the goods are placed in a wooden crate specifically designed to the size of your order. LCL shipments carry some risk especially for goods that may be considered fragile.

Because of the increased handling that comes with LCL shipments we do advise that buyers purchase insurance before shipping to cover against any damage incurred during the transiting of the goods. Insurance is generally charged at 2% of the total of the goods being shipped. We would be more than happy to arrange insurance for you.

  • FCL - Full Container Load

FCL Shipments are available in 20ft (33cbm), 40ft (67.3cbm), and 40ft High Cube (64cbm). These containers are subject to considerably less handling as they are loaded in Manila, Philippines and unloaded only at the destination.

FCL shipments become considerably more economical than LCL once a shipment exceeds 13cmb. Local clearance charges are per cubic meter or per container. Once that threshold of 13cmb is passed it is most often more cost effective to ship with Full Container Loads.

  • Local Handling Upon Reaching Destination

Our relationship with Sea Freight companies offers us an International network of agents and customs brokers. These professionals assist in the clearance of any shipment once it arrives into port. We can also offer further assistance with delivery overland to your business or residence. All handling charges for these services are paid for at the local destination.

International Shipping Costs change regularly and you are of course free to use your own broker if you so choose and we would be happy to assist with that in anyway. Current rates to a particular destination can be given upon contacting us as below.