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Asian Replicas International customer service department is responsible for handling order processing, product questions, pricing and shipping information for all our 3D Life Size Fiberglass & Resin Products and our F1 Racing Simulator & F1 Show Cars. Our staff members are knowledgeable, courteous professionals who have the resources to answer any questions you may have and work to ISO 9001. Quality Management standards.

The Customer Service Department at Asian Replicas International maintain the highest customer satisfaction level possible by providing accurate and timely responses and resolutions to our customers' needs.

Asian Replicas International is highly committed to provide an exemplary customer service in order to satisfy customer needs at every point of contact which include post-sale communication and support. Our Customer Service department guides our customers by explaining our purchase and production processes and the international shipping procedures to assist them in making informed and educated decisions, which contribute to a seamless and satisfactory customer experience.

Asian Replicas International backs up its installations with International maintenance, support and consultancy contracts. This can vary from responding to occasional phone and E-Mail queries, to providing remote online support, maintenance visits and full support and consultancy contracts.

Our term of shipment is Ex-works which means that the Seller delivers when it places the goods at the disposal of the Buyer at the Sellers premises. We are responsible for stowing and/or loading the goods to the containers; all costs or expenses from our factory up to final destination is for the Buyers account.

With our authorized and trusted forwarding agents and customs brokers through the years, we are able to handle and arrange all our shipments from our factory up to port of discharge. Additionally, we have an extensive network of global logistic companies, agents and customs brokers to assist our customers from the port of origin, port of discharge, customs clearing, door delivery, final destination and other logistics matters.

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