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Asian Replicas International is in addition to being a manufacturer of amazing and unique life size and life like fiberglass products, able to increase your business exposure and creating customer & client loyalty with custom made corporate gifts.

We produce and sell high quality business gifts, and we do it really well. The key to our success is the price and corresponding quality of our corporate gifts. We sell products that will last, and you can choose from our wide range, at best prices. And we can brand them with the logo or message your company wishes to convey, and we do so ensuring a faultless finish on each and every product you order.

We have experienced and qualified professionals backed by deep knowledge in the field of information technology and corporate gifting to provide you with the best suited solution for you brand.

Please see below a few companies we have supplied with corporate gift products.

Please contact us to discuss your corporate gift product branding requirements for your company.











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